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If you are a PR person who expects me to write something about a body positivity campaign for a clothing brand that A) does not make things that fit me and B) does not feature models that look like me, you can kiss my ass and this is ABSOLUTELY a subtweet.

One British Airways passenger tried to skirt all the fees in a unique way: he decided to wear all his clothes on board rather than putting them in a bag, The Washington Post reports . The man, identified as Ryan Carney Williams, was flying out of Iceland on a British Airways flight. He showed up with no luggage, wearing10 shirts and eight pairs of pants. When the airline refused to let him fly, he posted a video on Twitter explaining the problem. — Ryan Hawaii (@RYAN_HAWAII) January 10, 2018 Williams says he decided to wear all his clothes because he wasn’t able to afford the excess baggage fee of $125 “as a result of being left homeless in Iceland for over a week.” He claims the airline originally told him he could board if he wore all of his clothing. British Airways told the Iceland Monitor that Williams was denied boarding not because of the amount of clothing he was wearing but instead because he was rude to the gate agents. His behavior eventually led to him being pepper sprayed and removed from the airport by security. News of his removal also spread to other airlines. The following day Williams was turned away from an easyJet flight based on his behavior the previous day.

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